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“ The cause of all negative emotions in a interruption in our energy system”, or with other words, when the energy flow is interrupted, there is a negative emotion, physical pain, discomfort way.

The EFT Technique is easy to apply, not painful, and the results, in some cases, are immediately, definitively and apply for the:

  • Fears and Phobias

  • Traumas

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Dependents and Addictions

  • Physical pain

  • Head pain, Migraines

  • Allergies

  • Self-image

  • Weight control

  • Financial blockage.

Also, it can be used in many other situations, which are not mentioned here.

“Try this technique for any other problem”, mentioned the fact that the applying the technique can not affect us in any way, because it has only benefit effect over us.

This technique is addressing to the main contributors, which are, generally, emotional responses, that remained blocked in the energy field or in the mind.

Our cellular memory is encoded and stays loaded with all the emotional reactions and events we have lived.

The EFT Technique works through speaking the very specific affirmations, combined with the points pressure, representing the meridians energy heads, while we focus our attention to the emotion or the physical pain that we feel. 

The chines discovered 5000 years ago, that our whole body is crossed by energy canals (or meridians) and used acupuncture to reestablished the energy flaw through our body.

When blockages stays in our energy system for many years, it causes us physical diseases or emotional traumas.

Through the EFT Technique, we practical “process” all these past events of our life, that our energy system  could not process when it happened and we allow restoring free flow of the energy through our body. 

At the time when the event happens, we could not process all the emotions, they remained stock in sub-conscious and this fact made us react in a certain way in the situations that we have further confrontation.

Through applying the EFT Technique, we delete the mark of those old events, so they could not be capable to dominate our emotional landscape and we become free to live our life with happiness

The conducted studies demonstrated that the people with auto-immune diseses, are the ones that ecperienced emotional traumas in theiy childhood and remain unhealed over the years. This is an example very conclusive of the fact that unprocessed on time emotions are getting to affect our life, on a long term, at all levels, and finally they manifest in our physical body, produces any kind of diseases.

The EFT Technique is an alternative of acupuncture, the only difference is that learning to practice acupuncture needs many years, while the EFT Technique is very easy to learn and apply, not painful, does not involves needles, and the results, in some cases are immediate, definitive.

Also, it can be used in many orher situations, that are not mencioned here.”Try this technique for any other problem”, mentioned the fact that the applying the technique can not affect us in any way, because it has only benefice effect over us.


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IMPORTANT: No method or healing technique described in this website cannot replace a certain diagnostic or a psychotherapeutic treatment or any other kind of treatment prescribed by any doctor. The Complementary Therapies and meditations are excellent additional instruments, which help us obtain an emotional balance, mental balance and a good general condition. The Complementary Therapies can be practiced along with any other kind of medical conventional treatment, because, these therapies are helping through their holistic approach regarding the harmony and our emotional and psychosomatic wellbeing. The words such as “healer” and “therapy/healing” are used respecting these principals and they are used in their general way of use of those expressions and they are not used in the same context in which they are used in conventional medical language or psychological or in the context of the medical sciences.

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