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Revolutionary Loosing Weight Program: “Virtual Gastric Band”,

in 4 weeks. 

What is the “Virtual Gastric Band”?

The Virtual Gastric Band is a special technique of stomach decrease by inserting a virtual band, without surgery, without medicine treatment, without physical recovery.

This technique works for both people with obesity, and for those that want to liberate few kilograms, too fell good in their own skin.

Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgery technique that uses the hypnotic power and mind management techniques to persuade your subconscious mind that a silicon ring is wrapped around your stomach.

Which are the features and benefits of the revolutionary loosing weight program? 

  • hypnotically, your stomach is diminished to a golf ball size

  • this program uses a virtual gastric band and other mind management techniques but it is NOT a diet

  • you get to eat consciously and you can listen to your stomach and give it smaller and smaller portions of what it needs

  • forming new habits includes the changing of the view above lifestyle and adopting a new and healthy diet plan and increase interest for physical activities

  • it allows you to form new habits which you can maintain

  • there is no deprivation, therefor, you are free to feel the need of thinking of food all the time.

What are the results?

The impressing result:

It is a constantly and progressive weight loss lose-without a diet. We all know that diets don’t work! Most of the people that keep a diet, a strictly weight loss plan will lose weight as long as they are at the diet. Right after the diet stopped, the overweight returns invariably, leaving them heavier than when they started the diet! It estimates that this happens to 95% of the people that keep a diet.

Mostly of the diets contain a deprivation and/or denial form; Some involve calories points number, but all they manage to do is to program their mind to focus and think about the food. So, when a person gives up the diet, he will obsessive think about food, more than he did it before starting the diet. And then, when you refuse the comfort food, when you eat something else than the rest of your family, there are three things happening: the brain fights against itself, the body fights against itself, and the everyday environment fights against itself.

How often do you hear this thing coming from those how say to them every start of the week: “Now is now!” “I will stop eating.” “Once I had dinner…” Off course, the good intensions disappear right away and you are back to the first stage… and suffering again!  

Because mostly of the food habits are deeply rooted in the subconscious, the result is the same every time a certain set of circumstances prevails. Self-conscious denial over something can often increase desire  for that thing.

Eating less than we need – but eating anything we want – it can reach to a weight loss. To take off from your diet your favorite aliments is a bad idea, but just sometimes to give up at them or to diminish their quantity is a thing that can be easily obtained and sustained over time, with remarkable results.

Everybody knows that eating less and making more physical movement will lead us to a better body shape, to a way better body and health condition.

Choose a different lifestyle, choose the nutrition style for you!    

“Any change that is so powerful that it can change your own perception of self needs not just little adjustments of lifestyle way of thinking, but a total metamorphosis.”

The result is a progressive and constant weight loss – without any diet! 

Take the decision now, to assume responsibility to follow this program and the success is yours! 


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