The most innovative relaxation therapy



The most innovative relaxation therapy

BARS® are the 32 energy BARS that pass through and around the head, they are the component of electromagnetic storage of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs we have. Of these we can mention the healing, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex and money points.

Every thought, idea, attitude, decision or belief we have as a definitive one, solidifies the energy and limits our ability to create in this field.

The purpose of a Bars® session is to clear these points by inviting people to receive, to better understand themselves and what surrounds us.

Have you ever tried to talk to someone who supports a certain idea? 

It is like trying to get trought a wall made of briks. That ’s because there really is a wall, an energetic wall. Every time you hold a point of view without listening to others ideas, an energy wall is created. For exemple, if you say “I ’m won ’t do it again”, this decision causes the flow of energy to not longer flow trought the body, insomnia, anger. Whit the help of the Bars® session, electromagnetic waves they will dissipate, which will lead to a much clear vision that we will have about what surrounds us or what happens to us in everyday life.

Who would you be if you would’t be you? 

Access Bars® is a dynamic method of transforming consciousness 

We are so covered by the views of family, friends, society, books, teachers, spiritual masters, that one day we realize that we no longer know who we are, what is really ours, how we want our life to look. We get to discover what we like by living what we don’t like. All these points of view that we “bought” around prevent us from seeing what is possible for us, taking the past and the opinions of those around us as a reference for what we want to be and have.

What if you had clarity about who you are again? How would you like to live? What would you like to create? What if you lived in a continuous curiosity about what is possible?

What would you choose to be and create if you had unlimited money? What would you choose to be, to create and to have, if you had unlimited time? If you had infinite possibilities, what would you choose to be, to create, to have? What would you choose to be, to create, to generate if there was nothing to repair to you and the world around you? If you were YOU, who would YOU be? If you were YOU, where would you BE?

But if the purpose of life is to feel good and create a reality that works for you, no matter what happens around it? What if you no longer needed lessons, suffering, missions and high goals?

But if life could be easy, with humor, with good will, with possibilities, with gratitude and with a total presence? What if you totally gave up your self-judgment and judged others? What stops you from doing this NOW? What would your life be like if you chose these things? What would you create in the world through your choices? Is it time now to say YES to life, YES to you, YES to infinite possibilities?

Access Bars® it is a stress releasing technique, where you get a deep peace, clarity about who you are and what you want to create, and a greater ability to be present in your life.

Is it time now for YOU to choose to be and create consciously? 

It’s YOUR life, CHOOSE!

Do you want to give your body more joy?

Do you want to sleep better and wake up full of energy?

Do you remember the last time when you felt completely relaxed, the last time when you got healing and goodness without any judgement to your body or your soul?

The conscious includes everything, without any judgement. Without judging!

The conscious is the disposability and the capacity to be completely conscious, completely present in all the life’s areas.

The conscious is the ability to become more opened and present to more possibility’s, to more life choices.

Access Consciousness® helps us to recognize ourselves as truly infinite beings, to step into the ability to generate a life that goes beyond us, those who believe we are. As infinite beings, we have infinite perceptions, we can access infinite knowledge, we can be infinite and we can receive infinity. As infinite beings, everything becomes possible and we can have total choice. As infinite beings, however, we tend to “work” based on thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Access Consciousness® offers us the tools to free us from polarity, imprisonment, conditioning and limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions. When we “operate” from the limitation, we choose to have little ability to choose and limited possibilities. Polarity prevents us from seeing things as they really are, so we cannot change what we would like to change. Polarity pushes us to “function” based on traumas, lived dramas, tangled and unclear situations that belong to this reality.

Polarity addiction is the strongest addiction that exists.

One of the most powerful tools that helps us get rid of polarity is to allow everything to be as it is. When we let everything be as it is, everything becomes just an interesting point of view. When we let everything be as it is, we can become aware of all areas of our lives, where either we aligned and agreed, or we resisted and acted on points of view, thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, judgments, conclusions or considerations.

We can start to free ourselves, remembering that everything we think, think, judge or decide, is just an interesting point of view.

With each choice we can generate something different, with more presence, ease and awareness in our life. When we no longer expend our energy to maintain our traumas, suffering and protective barriers we have created, we can receive more around us, invite in our lives the contribution of others and be the gift we are in the world.

What contribution do you choose to be in the world?

Now is the time for you?

Everyone who is willing to sit still and motionless for a Bars® session! Some people may not like relaxation and consider it a waste of time, but others who are interested in changing and improving their lives may be eager to attend and benefit from a Bars® session.

Most people who have attended a Bars® session regularly have found that their lives are becoming easier and better.

Participation in Access Bars® is a matter of personal choice. You don’t have to do anything. People who have experienced, most of the benefits of Bars® are those who have Bars® repeatedly run. It’s everyone’s choice!

Many people who have had mental and psychological problems have ended up giving up drugs and have experienced amazing changes in their problems. Of course, we recommend that you talk to your doctor before discontinuing any drug treatment.

Running the Bars® facilitates conscious, that can be changed regarding any of these, Some of these physical pain which improved only after a Bars® session include scoliosis – when there was a “gain” in height of 1-1 / 2 cm, change of the position of the foot in the case of congenital affection known as equine various – for which the doctors recommended a surgery, as well as improvement or even disappearance of all kinds of pain. Many people have used Bars® in combination with other Consciousness® Access tools to eliminate “incurable” diseases such as cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, depression, bipolar disorder.

Again, you have nowhere to know! Symptoms or illness will disappear when you and your body are ready to release you from thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, decisions, prejudices in any life – and that leads to keeping the unwanted situation here and now. This process is not a linear one, which means that if a person gets to give up an unwanted situation in life, after one session, it may happen that someone else needs more sessions to give up the same unwanted situation – and not there’s nothing wrong or wrong in that. It’s just different. It is possible, however, that during a Bars® session it may be necessary to address a certain symptom or problem. The results are determined by the person receiving the Bars® session and his body.

Whenever you want to feel great! People who have been attending Bars® sessions for some time, usually want to receive Bars® sessions on a regular basis and still have a Bars® session on some days when they are very irritable or have had a difficult day.

Each Bars® session is different. The worst thing that can happen to you after a Bars® session is to feel as relaxed as if you received a massage. The best thing that can happen to you is that your whole life can change. Among the most commonly experienced effects are:

  • an increased sense of peace and ease
  • you are less reactive to situations that in the past upset you
  • you have a more restful and deeper sleep
  • you have the feeling that whatever was disturbing before the session doesn’t matter anymore.

Once you have a Bars® session, they “run”, or continue to release the blocked energy forever. Each time you repeat a Bars® session, the effect becomes more dynamic. The most dramatic effects tend to be observed within 3-4 weeks after the session.

This depends entirely on you. How good do you want to feel? How easy do you want your life to be? Some Bars® facilitators wonder why we don’t do all of this every day! Most want to enjoy a Bars® session once a week, or whenever they feel stressed, irritable or unhappy with the way their lives flow at that time. After any major shock, trauma or change of energy of any kind is a time when you should consider a Bars® session.

The Bars initially came through channeling Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness®, in 1990.

Absolute! (From a legal point of view, of course, we must suggest asking your doctor first.)

Women who have had Bars® sessions during pregnancy, on a regular basis, said they had short and easy births and many of them avoided births through Caesarean section.

Usually, a Bare session can take 45-60 minutes, although this can vary and it is always better to run your Bars, even for 20 minutes, than not to run them at all!

Bars® can’t be wrong, and you can’t hurt anyone if you run someone’s Bars® or nobody can do you any harm if you run your Bars®.

Only those who do not want or are not interested in trying them.

While the points may appear to be cranio-sacral or acupuncture points, they have a different function within Access Bars®. I have not seen any other method of generating such big and radical changes as those created by Bars®. Reiki practitioners tend to understand Bars® very well, because they are already familiar with energy.

It is not necessary to lie on the massage. Bars® bring relaxation to both the recipient and the doer in most cases. If lying down is a problem, you can work on a chair or an inclined armchair.

IMPORTANT: No method or healing technique described in this website cannot replace a certain diagnostic or a psychotherapeutic treatment or any other kind of treatment prescribed by any doctor. The Complementary Therapies and meditations are excellent additional instruments, which help us obtain an emotional balance, mental balance and a good general condition. The Complementary Therapies can be practiced along with any other kind of medical conventional treatment, because, these therapies are helping through their holistic approach regarding the harmony and our emotional and psychosomatic wellbeing. The words such as “healer” and “therapy/healing” are used respecting these principals and they are used in their general way of use of those expressions and they are not used in the same context in which they are used in conventional medical language or psychological or in the context of the medical sciences.

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