ThetaHealing® BASE COURSE 

ThetaHealing® BASE COURSE 

29 November – 01 December  2019

Trainer : Valentina TULICA ARSENE

I warmly invite you to the most beautiful journey, to Yourself, to whom you were beyond the “fog” of the emotional believes and blockages, to apply in your life what you find out and learn to be Happy! 

What is ThetaHealing® and how can this technique help you radically change your life?

ThetaHealing® is a personal development method as a healing energetically technique, based on a meditation process which generates physical healing, physical and spiritual though prayer focused towards the Creator.

What benefits does it bring?

The benefits of working in Theta are multiple and aim for results at the level of the physical body (by healing various affections), at the level of the emotional body (by releasing negative emotions, sufferings), at the level of the energetic, vibrational and relations field.

What does this course offer?

  • Theta Technique and the access meditate Theta state
  • Intuitively reading ways
  • Techniques of physical, emotional, energetic healing
  • Techniques for changing the belief system, deleting and replacing the negative programs in the subconscious
  • Introduction to the laws of manifestation
  • DNA Activation.

What do you receive at the end at the course?

  • The participant will have all the necessary knowledge to become a  ThetaHealing® Practician, as a ThetaHealer and he will receive a graduation diploma
  • Also, he will receive the course’s Manual, written in Romanian language.

When in the course?

Friday                       29  November 2019                from 17:00 to 20:30

Saturday                  30  November 2019               from 10:00 to 16:30

Sunday                    01  December 2019               from 10:00 to 16:30.

What is the rate and how do I pay?
Course Price: 1200 lei
Price of the Course with registration until 14.10.2019: 700 lei / person.

What is the location?
Center of Excellence in Counseling and Personal Development
Address: Str. Mihail Kogalniceanu no. 20 bl.1K sc. D ap.9 Brasov
Contact: 0728 094 898 l 0735 663 118

The invitation is to live your life with passion, feeling that you are perfect and enchanting, a human wonder and spiritual, with an important mission in this world!



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