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” If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go #together” 

I invite you to the most beautiful journey toward YOURSELF, to whom you were and whom you are beyond the perceptions and emotional blockages “foggy”, to apply in your life what you discover and learn to be HAPPY

I am waiting for you to discover a new perception of self-acceptance, harmoniously relationships, self control, autonomy and the life sense scope.

What does Counselling help me with? 

The counselling helps you to:

  • regain their inner power

  • obtain inner peace & harmony – the most precious good of man

  • discover its essence

  • be healthy and energetic

  • feel more motivated and passionate

  • discover the purpose in life and purpose for which lives

  • cultivate relationships based on love

  • develop the creativity and to live creatively

  • obtain financial stability and abundance doing what it likes

  • experience that way of life that always knew it deserves


The fundamental scope of the Counselling is the optimal psychosocial functioning of the person & group, through:

  • self-knowledge

  • self-image

  • responsible decision capacity

  • harmonious interpersonal relationship

  • stress control

  • efficient learning techniques

  • realistic vocational options.

THE COUNSELLING FACILITATES AND CATALYZES  THE REACHING OF AN OPTIMUM FUNCTION LEVEL IN THE WORLD. The counselling process emphasizes the personal development and solving problems dimension.

Who can benefit of a Counselling session? 

Even YOU, if you allow it.

When should I have a Counselling session?

Any time you want to feel wonderful and have a meeting with yourself.

What should you expect after you had a Counselling session? 

Each counselling is different.

The best thing that can happen to you is that your whole life can change.

Some of the most common effects are:

  • a grown feeling of peace and easiness

  • you discover how to gently treat yourself

  • you bring harmony in your couple

  • you understand your mission in this world

  • you find out how you can live in harmony along loved ones

  • you discover how important the efficient communication is and how much it can change your perspective and your life direction

  • you understand how the attraction lows works and how important positive thoughts are

  • you fell that anything that might be disturbing before the session doesn’t matter anymore


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If you want these aspects in your life, and you are willing to take the short way, than this is FOR YOU! 

The real challange is to succeed to see differrent ponts of view, other than you already know, to see things from a different perspective. The change starts, usually, when we are reddy to see things from another point of view. The ability to do this thing is a very important part of the development process, both personal , professional as organizational.

I am here to walk #together

IMPORTANT: No method or healing technique described in this website cannot replace a certain diagnostic or a psychotherapeutic treatment or any other kind of treatment prescribed by any doctor. The Complementary Therapies and meditations are excellent additional instruments, which help us obtain an emotional balance, mental balance and a good general condition. The Complementary Therapies can be practiced along with any other kind of medical conventional treatment, because, these therapies are helping through their holistic approach regarding the harmony and our emotional and psychosomatic wellbeing. The words such as “healer” and “therapy/healing” are used respecting these principals and they are used in their general way of use of those expressions and they are not used in the same context in which they are used in conventional medical language or psychological or in the context of the medical sciences.

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