Counselling for Personal Development with Techniques through Art


“Counsellor for personal development with

Techniques through Art”

Accredited course ANC COR 242324

20 – 22  September 2019

Trainer & Counsellor for personal development: Liliana CEHAN


Besides the standard course that contains the basic techniques in counseling, you will also learn art counseling techniques – techniques specially adapted to be used by the personal development counselor!

What is this new course?

Besides the basic techniques, the course brings a unique value – the techniques of combined arts counseling – a new, fast and efficient method because it has an effect of awareness and interpretation of information far superior to the usual methods of counseling.
techniques that deepen self-awareness and highlight individual uniqueness, based on the latest findings in neuroscience
a very effective tool in personal and professional development, development of potential and creative thinking, identification and elimination of blockages, development of emotional intelligence.

What are the skills acquired?

  • exploring potential solutions to problem situations
  • investigating problem situations
  • advising on the modalities of personal development
  • creating the interaction space with the counselors
  • organizing its own activity
  • developing your own career
  • competent entrepreneurship
  • social and civic competence.

Benefits obtained from the course:

  • ANC accredited diploma of “Personal Development Counselor” (plus the mention of the following modules on the diploma: Basic counseling techniques, Art counseling, Combined arts counseling techniques, Assertiveness and assertive behavior)
  • Complete guide to using art counseling techniques
  • evaluation and monitoring sheets of the beneficiary
  • techniques for promoting your own brand
  • The certified skills acquired can help you develop your career in schools, high schools, social centers, private offices, organizations as well as opening your own business.
  • the course and the techniques learned from it open the way to the continuous innovation of the artistic means used, so that you can
  • create a permanent uniqueness of your own working style.

What is the duration of the course?

Duration of the course: 3 days, during which will be carried out mainly, practical applications, each trainee alternatively experiencing the role of counselor, respectively counselor to assimilate as well as the accumulated knowledge and techniques learned.

Condition of participation

  • higher studies completed by license exam (regardless of the activity profile).

Documents required for registration:

  •  BI/CI copy
  • copy of birth certificate
  • copy diploma of study (bachelor’s degree)
  • copy of marriage certificate (if applicable).

In what period and what is the duration of this course?

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

20 – 22 September 2019

From 09:00 to 19:00


Center of Excellence in Counselling & Personal Development

PSY BEARS Soul Center

Address: 20 Mihail Kogalniceanu bl.1K sc. D ap.9 et.3 Brasov Romania

Contact: 0728 094 898 l 0735 663 118


Participation fee : 1000 lei / person

Examination fee : 65 lei/person



Mon-Fri 09:00 – 17:00
Saturday Courses & WS
Sunday Courses & WS

(+4) 0735.663.118

(+4) 0735.615.294

(+4) 0728.094.898


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